Situated Learning orchestrates learning support resources using models and theories of students/learners engagement with digital transformation technologies to ensure millions of individuals have access to shared resources for peer-to-peer learning to improve their competencies throughout their working life. To achieve these goals we established a hub for education-and-employment integration through to forge strong connections between learners, education, and economic opportunity for many adults through the Gantry Program.

Welcome to the Gantry Program where we organize learning opportunities for Adults in over 200 pathways credential programs.

The Gantry is an informal trades and business process pathways program for adults whose curricula design starts from 5th Grade to Ph.D. The program uses integrative competence concepts, LearningLog technology, and human orchestration-centered Situated Learning to help learners capture their daily interactions into tasks concepts data for peer-to-peer learning like “Swarms.” The Gantry is a sufficiently bridged credentialing program that is transparently and reliably evaluated with articulation with functional tasks across industries, academic curricula in schools, colleges, and universities.